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Security Alarms Manchester

…And that danger, that threat… it could be anything. Anything that disrupts. Anything that you want to define as alarm. From the typical burst pipe flood, fire, or unwanted intrusion to other less traditional disruptions such as power failure, temperature control, the health and welfare of a loved one.

Thieves – they hate us with a passion. They’ve every right to. And now… so do doubt and disruption.

Now, because of new technology, because of the ‘internet of things’ we’re ready and able to monitor what you want, when you want, wherever you want.

To give you complete remote control. From fridge or freezer temperature sensors to power control, to lighting and heating control, to access monitoring to checking that grandma has taken her shower, to turning off little Johnny’s TV plug socket at ten on the dot.

With remote technology that scans for the unexpected every 3 seconds we can keep a keen and constant eye on whatever you need us to monitor. An eagle eye on disruption.

And because of new handheld smartphone App technology – so can you.

For example nursery CCTV technology that gives you secure real time access to your child’s classroom. All from your computer screen.

New remote control technology that represents a revolution in thinking. A revolution in the way that people and property are protected.

Your Enemy’s Worst Enemy

It’s a sickening feeling. That moment of alarming realisation. A rising, choking tide of fury and upset. Breathless, surreal. Violation. Prized possessions scattered, smashed or gone. Lost forever.

Or coming back from holiday to find the place wrecked. Five days of burst pipe having soaked your home to within an inch of its life.

Or the not knowing. Did you daughter get home from school OK earlier? Is your elderly mother OK? Shouldn’t you have had that call by now?

Distress. Expense. Concern. All because you lacked the right information at the right time.

Well now we can give you real time information that allows you real time understanding of exactly what’s going on.

The monitoring, the wristbands, the panic buttons, the detectors, the apps. Remote control peace of mind.

And the potential is almost limitless.

What in your life would benefit from remote monitoring?

Talk to us. Let’s take control