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Guardian Concierge

Imagine how good would it feel to know that all day, all night, every day and night – your property and the people who live and work there were safe?

Imagine the peace of mind in knowing that access in and out of your premises was controlled? That behaviour on your premises was monitored? That you can even manage the facilities on your premises remotely – lighting, heating, water?

The Watch 24/7 Concierge service gives your exactly that. Control. Remote control that takes the hassle and expense out of safeguarding your property and people.

Find out how we can protect you

A 24/7 monitored concierge service?
Benevolent guardian more like.

Your apartments, your housing, your warehouses, workshops, surgeries and labs under permanent, professional, personal surveillance.

Discreet assured and effective.

How good would it feel knowing that all the time – we’ve got you covered?

Insecurity has a price. A price far, far higher than Watch 24/7 Concierge.

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