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Monitored CCTV

Little wonder CCTV is so popular. Little wonder too that so many people are finding so many innovative ways to use new monitored CCTV technology.

For example nursery CCTV technology that gives you secure real time access to your child’s classroom. All from your computer screen.

Or the ability to check and give the cleaner access to your home from your smartphone.

The options are endless.

The Best Monitored CCTV Supplier

Whilst the benefits of Monitored CCTV are obvious what’s not so easy to identify is a partner with the skills to give you exactly the right integrated CCTV package – the trusted technology, the installation and the ongoing support.

  • Strong technology that’s correctly specified
  • A system planned and fitted properly
  • The realtime control room presence that protects you and your business 24/7

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Cheap Monitored CCTV

Manchester has endless companies springing up offering cheap monitored CCTV.

Ask yourself, since when was cheap a good word?
Since never.

It’s value that really matters and though it’s easy to spot plenty of cheap deals out there the genuine value of a properly accredited supplier, a supplier with experience and perhaps most importantly a supplier with their own control room isn’t always so clear.

We’ll save you the frustration of looking. Life’s too short. Leave the monitored CCTV to us, you’ve got a business to run.

In the same way that we’ve saved hundreds of other Manchester businesses and homeowners kissing expensive Monitored CCTV security frogs we’ll help you with some princely consultation, installation and dedicated coverage.

Advanced Monitored CCTV Technology

Is our speciality. Especially, IP Video and advanced IPV. Advanced CCTV technology as supplied to Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council.

You can have the same.

  • DVD quality digital video
  • Digital archiving
  • Rapid installations
  • Scaleable systems
  • Remote internet and APP access
  • Tamper resistant systems

No subcontractors, no part timers just our own trained, uniformed staff. Every piece work with our name on it.

As good as it gets Monitored CCTV

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