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Our Promise to You

And what their greed can’t carry – your grandmother’s engagement ring, those beautiful hand carved figurines, the laptops and new tablets, the petty cash that’s anything but petty – whatever they can’t steal… they’ll ruin.

Now is NOT the time to rely on a weak or badly specified security system.

Now is exactly the time for professional, failsafe protection. Monitored alarm and/or monitored CCTV security that instantly alerts burglars that they have been detected. That instantly sends for support. A monitored alarm system that instantly makes them drop… and run.

Even better, what if your system could deter intrusion in the first place?

Here’s the good news. It’s not as hard as you might think. It really doesn’t take much to stop them taking everything.

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Our Promise to You

It’s a fact – most security companies, though they talk a good game or try to dazzle you with a seductive headline price, will leave you vulnerable. Why wouldn’t they? Cheap kit, little or no experience. A here today gone tomorrow approach.

What they lack in accreditation and experience they try to make up for with headline grabbing ‘too good to be true’ offers, or hidden contract rates.

Repent at leisure’ they say.

At Watch 24/7 all our work is accredited. SSAIB accredited. Our products are Security Industry approved. Our contracts, our prices, are crystal clear. No hidden fees, no dodgy certification. Just security. Just peace of mind. Just amazing value.

In fact, you won’t get a more experienced security team or a better value security service anywhere across the North West – and that’s a promise.

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